5 things You should know about Javascript.

2 min readFeb 20, 2021

As a developer, we all have a mission, that we want to go and dreaming of touch the sky. If you are on your way to learning development, you have a ton of questions. Hopefully, these things will give you to confidence to go and try javascript today.

1.Data Types

In javascript, you need to know about what is the difference between string and numbers, arrays and objects, and when to use them at in right time.

2. Know Functions

It is very important to you because you have to use functions everywhere. We use functions to reduce the code, optimize the code and make the codes eye-catching. For this, you surely need to know how to build a function and when you have to call a function.

3. Make a Click Event

It can be a click event, or it can be a hover event. Somethings you need to interact with the page when you click something, for example: when you click a button, some features like modal box will be open or when you click close button, it takes you to go back homepage. This is very interesting to developers to add features through it.

4.Need to know Variable Scope

When you declare a variable, you should surely keep a clear concept about scope. Scopes in javascript determine the accessibility of variables. There are two types of scope.

  • Global variable: Declared outside of a block.
  • Local variable: Declared inside of a block.

Also, you have to know the difference between var, let, and const.

5. Error Handling and know how to debug

Behind the scenes, Every developer should check out how to catch errors correctly. Optimizing and catch errors properly is a really good thing and practice, which will make a way to be a great javascript developer.




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